Accessing data from Amazon S3

The following quick tutorial guides you in how to download and access S3 data from the command-line (on *nix) machines.


  1. An AWS S3 storage account already set up
  2. An AWS Access Key
  3. An AWS Private Key
  4. s3cmd (


  1. Download s3cmd
    1. Mac (using homebrew): brew install s3cmd
    2. Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install s3cmd
  2. Initialize your s3cmd to communicate with your S3 server
    1. s3cmd --configure
    2. Enter your AWS Access key
    3. Enter your AWS Private key
    4. (optional) enter encryption key or other paramters, otherwise just hit ‘enter’ for defaults
  3. s3cmd will test to see if it can connect – look for this
  4. View/download files
    1. e.g. s3cmd ls
    2. s3cmd get ...