Flex application not downloading web-service data

I find this issue happening over and over, seemingly at random. I deploy a Flex application locally, which uses web-services, and eventually it stops connecting to web-services it uses after a couple of days of using the application. Note, it does not stop working within a session of the application, but instead will stop contacting web-services after a refresh or redeployment of the application. Before I knew what was going on, this made me think the web-services were not working, or JMS suddenly became inaccessible; however, it turned out there was some strange browser caching issue going on. I had to quit the browser (shut down the process) and restart the browser for the Flex application to start working. Refreshing the application within the browser does not do the trick.

My setup:

  • Snow Leopard 10.6
  • Firefox 3.6.13
  • Flash Player 10 debugger version
  • Tomcat 6


  • Restart tomcat
  • Redeploy web-application
  • Shutdown and restart web-browser

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