Fixing JFreeChart bug of slow zooming and XOR rectangle rendering

I am using jFreeChart version 1.0.12 and noticed that my XYPlot chart behaved differently when I ran the application using jdk 1.6 versus jdk 1.5. Specifically, the rendering of the ‘zoom’ rectangle and my own implementation of the XOR rectangle was EXTREMELY slow when using JDK 1.6, but it was perfectly smooth when running with JDK 1.5. I am running on Windows XP service pack 2, but I found a solution:

When running from JDK 1.6, run your Java program from the command line with the following addition: -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true

The issue may be JDK 1.6’s use of graphic cards for better rendering, this may be interfering with jFreeChart in some unknown way.


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