Getting perl script using DATE::CALC to work on an unsupported architecture

I made a Perl script that used the “Date::Calc” Perl module, and my script worked on my Windows XP machine, but not on a Sun Solaris machine. I believe “Date::Calc” is not pure Perl, and so I was getting the following errors whenever I tried to run the script:

  • Can’t locate Date/ in @INC
    • (This error was coming up because I needed to make a directory called “Date” and place the module in that directory)
    • Can’t locate loadable object for module Date::Calc in @INC
      • The solution: Use the “Date::Pcalc” perl module instead. This module is pure Perl and I only had to change one line of my code: “use Date::Calc” to “use Date::Pcalc”

The Calc::Pcalc module:


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